Fifth Third Momentum App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

I too have been trying to set this up off and on for months and always get the same “oops looks like there is something wrong with your account number” error that many others are receiving. I’ve verified all my information and confirmed my account number to be correct. I’ve called the customer service line and was simply told to call my loan provider to verify my information, which I had previously, and was at that exact moment logged onto my loan providers website and into my account looking at my account information. 5/3 Customer service left me with no help and yet again, I am unable to use this app like many others.

Easy to make payments to my loan!

The app was super easy to connect to my student loan and I’ve already made over $300 in payments! I don’t even notice the money as it is being taken out.

Support’s Navient Dept. of Ed.

Momentum now works seamlessly with Navient Dept. of Ed. Loans. Since January, I’ve added a $70 dent in my student loans that I otherwise would not have. As someone, who rarely uses their debit card, this is super cool. Since there is absolutely no cost, it’s a no brainer for any Fifth Third customer who wants to get ahead on paying of their of some debt.

Great App but....

I love that 5/3 offers this service but I wish we could round up more or even add our 5/3 credit card also . Having two cards that round up would be amazing!!!!!

Great app

So I don’t normally write reviews but for this one I will make an exception! My husband and I are working to be debt free and this app is a great way to help with our student loans. If you read the one star reviews they are from people who are not paying attention to directions. This is for Fifth Third customers only, if you want your financial institution to do this call them!! When it prompts for a zip code it is not asking for yours!!! It’s asking for the student loan provider where you would send payments by mail! For Navient go under “contact us” on the bottom of the screen and you will find it!

Wonderful service!

I have been using this for 2 months now and love it! I love that 5/3 offers this service. You can choose to round up each payment TO the next dollar or BY a dollar, and send the roundup amount to your loan servicer. Super easy to use- I experienced some errors/glitches when setting up my account initially but they seem to have fixed them. Thanks 5/3!

Too Bad...

...I can't manage to get passed the first screen without getting an "oops" error message about my zip code of all things. It indeed looks like a great app. I hope their IT/coding team can fix these issues.

Love the concept but it doesn’t work for me

I love the idea of this app however I can’t get past the setup because it won’t accept my zip code though I’m putting it in correctly. I’m guessing it doesn’t support Navient loans based on other reviews. Such a shame as I have been a long time Fifth Third customer and have continuously defended them but this is frustrating.

Not very smart

This app continues to tell me that I am entering the incorrect 9 digit zip code. Very frustrating when you can’t dispute the stupidity.

Can’t set up..

I’ve quadruple checked my student loan acct number and it still says “oops error with your account number” I’ve called 5/3 & all they can tell me is to delete a reinstall the app. Super annoying.

Doesn't work

I have been trying to enter my information but I keep getting an error message that says Oops we've hit a snag. So.... nope. No good 👎🏻

Can't get past the first screen


Can’t Get Past First Screen

Like the title says, can’t get past the first screen. It keeps telling me my zip code is wrong but it is right. Very frustrating!

Zip code

It is saying that there is an issues with my zip code. I’ve checked it several times, including a loan statement. Update your system please.

Error on zip code

Can’t get past the first screen. Guess this is an ongoing problem. 5/3 should not advertise a contest if the app doesn’t work.

So far mostly good!

I really enjoy how easy this app makes making extra contributions to my loans! I use my debit card a lot so I've already see the benefit this app provides! The only issue I've had thus far is that I wish I was able to edit my debit card information easier within the app itself. I see all sorts of 'change' options in the settings regarding loan service and "preferences", but when I go into preferences to update my card all I can do is update the amount I'd like to contribute toward my loans. I had to unenroll and then re-enroll to get my card to update, which was a little clunky. Otherwise though, I'm very pleased!


Can’t use unless a fifth third customer

Hit a Snag

I’ve been trying to register for over a week and it keeps giving me an error message. Beyond frustrated.

Can’t get past first screen

I was excited to install and use this app. However, I can’t get past the first set up screen. I have my account number and entered it. Then, I entered my zip code and it keeps telling me that it is incorrect. I know my zip code and confirmed that it is the same zip code that my loan company is using. I am deleting the app.

Wrong account number

I verified my account number and entered it correctly and kept getting the “opps, wrong account number” message. App left me in no man’s land instead of offering to connect me to someone or provide a support number. Fantastic idea but needs more work.

Not working for me

I am interested in using it but during sign up it wont accept my zip-code which I know is correct. So therefore I can't set it up.

Great App!

I love the idea of this since I have been paying my student loan debt off for YEARS now. Hopefully this will help me reach my goal of fully being free of these loans faster. I really hope they offer this same concept but for credit cards or other installment loans, since I’m paying those down too :( overall, great job!

Dedicated to students only.

Would be nice to include other loans with 5/3 including auto and mortgage. Additionally, include other forms of payment such as a 5/3 cc.


Was so excited to see this since I recommend 53rd to everyone for banking. I thought this would put the money into an account for you. I don't have any student loan debt so I can't use this ):

Must Download!

Love that this app helps me pay down student loans faster. Everyone with student debt should get it.


This is great. I've only been a fifth third customer for a little while but this is going to be super helpful for my student loans. Thanks 5/3!


I look forward to seeing how this can help pay towards my student loans. Only request right now would be the ability to sign in using TouchID.

Looks great!

It was really easy to set up my debit card to pay towards my student loan. I love that it's all working straight through my bank. I can't wait to see my extra change start adding up!

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